Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

still fallin'

you would think for all the days i’ve known you
that i would have you memorized by now
with every question answered,
every single page turned
but you just keep me on the edge somehow

and every day with you is still a mystery
the sweetest story's falling from your lips
and i hold on to every word,
like it’s the first one that i’ve heard
it’s the only time i’ve ever felt like this

after all this time you’d think i’d be
used to the pull of your gravity
but after flying so high for so long, who would think
i’m still learning, still burning, still falling
still falling

i still reach for your hand because i need it
your kiss is still the spark that lights a fire
you’re still laughing with me,
and we’re still making memories,
i’m still a fool for you, and there’s a million reasons why

after every late night street light drive
and every "Love you", "Miss you", kiss good night
girl, your name is still my favorite
always will be and i’m
still wanting, still all-in, i'm still falling

still falling,
still chasing, still nervous,
still reeling, dreaming about this

and after every sunrise holding you,
after all the crazy we’ve been through
every day and every minute, girl, it’s something new,
i’m still learning, still burning, yeah, still wanting, still all-in, still falling.

still falling.  

**popular by : Hunter Hayes


huhuhu, saya jatuh cinta dengan lagu ini. aduh gimana yaa, emang dasar romantic hopless tiap nemu lagu cinta menyemenye langsung jatuh hati ((yha)) ((gpp)).

saya pikir lagu ini harus ada di list lagu pas nikahan gue entar ((duh, dek)). dan kayaknya bakalan manis kalau diputer dalam ingatan pasangan, soalnya kan lagu ini berkisah tentang seseorang yang selalu jatuh cinta sama pasangannya tuh, dia selalu punya alasan untuk mencintai setiap hari.

selalu merasa saling membutuhkan, saling meabadikan kenangan satu sama lain, setiap hari adalah pembelajaran dan setiap hari adalah waktu yang ia habiskan untuk mencintai pasangan hidupnya. #sudahlah #bapersampetahunbaru #bye

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