Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014


they’re way too fragile aren’t they
these feelings that sway ever so lightly
i’m looking for the  answer that
disappears when dawn breaks
this close road that blocks my way
this starlight that becomes my guide
hey, i want you to tell me
the place where i should go

even though it’s so far away that
it seems like this small me will be crushed
i’m waiting for god’s will
this is destiny

so to speak, this small me is powerless against
the raging waves that give their loud roars, but
the sea will surely part
and make a path for me
one day,
we can be divine

atop the ground that grew cold,
i’m going to walk barefooted
and your warmth
will support me
(you always by my side)
i was born alone and yet
it’s as if i was bound to meet you
you, know me
more than anyone else does

i’ll stand up to face
everything grand, fatally
when i’m with you
i can become stronger
there wasn’t supposed to be anything i was scared of and yet..
hey.. i don’t want to lose you
until the day comes when
the light shines through the gaps in the clouds
i won’t say goodbye
when various paths

open up to me, at that time
i’ll surely remember
this wish
the journey we both walked together
we’ll make that our proof, forever
we are always one

what will we say we’re capable of
once we stand before the waves that give their loud roars?
we’ll meet this distress, with a gentle intimacy
i believe
we can be divine
our feelings are one
we can be divine

**popular by : SNSD


semoga Tuhan memberikan kita waktu untuk bertemu....

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