Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

((you always be the)) 365 ((days of my)) heart attack

relax with me, listen to song
sleep in a bit, and give a yawn
all of your pains, laugh them away
bit a bit care free, it's okay

life might be hard, and you might fall
you might cry, but give it your all
if you just wait, then you will see
everything will end happily

i'll always cheer for you
all your wishes will come true

i'll be here for you
every morning and night
right here in your arms
each time of the day
boy, i'm willing to be
right here in your arms

our hands together
we'll have each other
in love forever

when i see you, all other light one drained of color
because you outshine them
you're like a bright flashlight

you stuck in my head and still haven't fled
your shadow still here
you are just like an ifinite flashback

i walk alone through this long maze
searching for what i though was you
i reach out for your image. but my hand just seems to go right through

even within my dreams gone everything there's only you
but i'm stuck in this fantasy where everything's not true
oh no no, it isn't you
oh no no, it can't be you
the closer you get to me
the more i feel like i can't breath

an instant heart attack
i can't  even more
destroying the world i know, i'm intoxicated by this heart attack
although i can't breath, you close to me so 
i like it heart attack
i can't even more
let my quickly racing heart be cleaned by this
by this heart attack
if my braeth stop right now, i'll be okay
'cause i'll be with you

this illusion is just so real to me
why does it hurt if this all just a dream?
in this bright light, is it you hugging me
can't we just stay like this?
time, stop for me

**masih dari mbak Silv3rt3ar.