Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

((please)) don't go ((my beautiful)) Peter Pan

your small wings fluttering
as if they are waving
seemed like you were telling me to follow after you

your sad eyes looked at me
as you told your story
it was that night that the wind blew you right into my heart

my mind keeps wondering i thinking of you
i'm the one that is completely captivated by you
it's like i'm mesmerized
forgot to breath, oh my
if this is love i'm willing to go anywhere with you

it's like we're dancing
when i'm with with you i'm not scared of anything
be it a second or eternity i know where i want to be

so baby don't go 
take me anywhere with you and we'll walk together forever, oh
oh, and when the world's ending i'll be right here by your side
please don't leave
when the morning comes, please don't just disappear
please tell me that you will always be right here, oh

it's as if i'm dreaming
don't fly away my beautiful butterfly
my beautiful butterfly

the old diary that's been long forgotten
i brush off the dust and remember your grin
just like before, your picture remains here
the memories appear

my heart beat speeds up like it did in the past
it's unfortunate that that time couldn't last
i begin to recall everything that i leave behind

you're my Peter Pan, this world's so lonely without you
let's go back to our Neverland
our memories are there
all our laughter, smiles, everything's still there
you'll always be my Peter Pan
no matter how long i have to stand
i'll wait here for you
because it's not the end, i knew i will meet you again
seseorang dengan akun Youtube bernama Silv3rT3ar menguplod cover song beberapa lagu ((korea)) ((iya, korea)) yang di translate ke dalam bahasa inggris, dua diantaranya adalah favorite saya ((secara lagu aslinya juga favorite di albumnya)), berjudul Don't Go dan Peter Pan, lirik yang dalam bahasa Koreanya sendiri sudah indah, pas di terjemahkan sama mbak ini kok yaa sama indahnya sekalipun tidak plek sama, tapi intinya dapet. how can be she so great. seems like dia membuat puisi dengan lirik yang ada, sedikit digubah, dan bingo! ketika ia mencoba menadakannya dengan yang sudah ada, ternyata cocok!

sukses terus, yaa, mbak yang nama akun Youtubenya agak ((alay)) ga biasa.


and this bonus, ugh, sukak banget!