Jumat, 17 Januari 2014


as if i was reborn as a child who doesn’t know anything
i thought it was a dream so i closed my eyes and opened them again
i am standing in front of you as if i was praying
i want to walk side by side with you at least once
just once

* i ride the soft wind into your world
i go right next to you and you ask where i came from
you asked so innocently so i answered that it is a secret
because if we just walk together like this
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

you are more dazzling than Michael
who can ever oppose you? i won’t forgive anyone who does
just like the first person to step on Eden
everyday, i will only go toward you and trust you with my heart
even if it’s a small thing, i want to protect you for always
so you won’t ever have to suffer, i’m eternally love

as your guardian angel, i will block out that strong wind
even if everyone turns their back against you
on hard days, i will wipe away your tears
if only I can be that kind if person
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

i have come to love you now
there’s no place for me to go back
my wings have been taken away ((oh no))
even if i lost eternal life, the reason why i’m happy
is because my forever is now you
eternally love

**popular by : EXO-K

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