Minggu, 08 Juli 2012


i can see even with my eyes closed
i can recognize even if she’s far away from me
imagine how pretty she is

even if i don’t touch
t feels like she’s breaking like a glass
imagine how fragile she is

smiling in the crowd
she is my angel

**i feel childishly proud
my expression becomes like an idiot
please laugh only with me, oh she~ she~
i want to be your last
you’re my heaven
only one in the world, oh she~ she~

a person with high self-esteem
a person who would never cry
imagine how strong she is

playing childish jokes on me
showing me she’s happy when she does so
i wonder how she truly feels in her heart

i don’t know if you’re aware
she’s that girl


oh i know her well baby~
only me
only the one who loves her understand her everything
even her tears


**popular by : TVXQ

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